Diva Redux is a one-page theme for u-he Diva.

I redesigned the whole UI from scratch in order to make every control, essential for sound creation, available from the front page. All synth modules were reworked to be compact, and have logical and consistent layout.

Product name Diva Redux
Product type Theme
Synth Diva
Released 2015-11-21
Updated 2020-03-23
Unique features
Redesigned one-page layout
Vector UI
3 color schemes
Color-coded modulation labels
Global voice detune visualization
CPU load indicator
Price Free
Download size 500 KB
Synth page


Download latest release and copy Redux, Redux Black and Redux Gray folders from the archive to the default theme location:

  • Windows: VstPlugins/u-he/Diva.data/Support/Themes
  • Mac: MacHD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes
  • Linux: ~/.u-he/Diva/Support/Themes

Copy the Redux_Fonts folder to Diva's fonts location:

  • Windows: VstPlugins/u-he/Diva.data/Data/Fonts
  • Mac: /Library/Application Support/u-he/Diva/Fonts
  • Linux: ~/.u-he/Diva/Data/Fonts

Then open Diva and choose the Redux theme in the Preferences panel.