This is a small collection of scripted presets for u-he Repro-1 that should make the process of creating new sequencer patterns a little bit more joyful.

Product name Randomizer scripts for Repro-1
Synth Repro-1
Num. presets 36
File format H2P
Released 2017-06-08
Updated 2021-09-28
Unique features
Randomize notes
Randomize note types
Randomize velocities
Transpose notes
And more...
Price Free
Download size 30 KB

Load your favorite preset and turn it into a unique arpeggiated sequence by applying some of these scripts.

Randomizers in action


Copy Randomizers folder to your Repro-1 presets location:

  • Windows: ...\VstPlugins\u-he\\Presets\Repro-1\
  • Mac: ~/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/Repro-1/

All presets are properly tagged and you can find them in the Preset browser, either in Randomizers folder or in Randomizers bank.

How it works

Say, you have a preset in Repro-1 that you like, and now you'd want an arpeggiated version of it. But you don't know where to start or don't feel too excited about programming patterns manually on the Repro's Sequencer page. Here's where these scripted randomizer presets come in. You load them just like any other regular preset from the Presets browser page, but they don't change your existing sound. Instead, only specific, Sequencer related parameters will be affected. Each time you load a scripted preset, it will generate a different result.


The first preset in the list is a simple shortcut to activate both Arpeggiator and Sequencer in one go and turn any preset into a sequenced one, while keeping all other synth settings intact:

  1. Enable Arp Mode

Next is a bunch of note randomizers. In short, they will create melodies for you. Each time you run these presets they will generate a different set of notes from predefined scales. Each preset has its own feel, and some of them are more random then the others:

  1. Randomize Notes (Bassline)
  2. Randomize Notes (Alt 1)
  3. Randomize Notes (Alt 2)
  4. Randomize Notes (Alt 3)
  5. Randomize Notes (Octaves)
  6. Randomize Notes (Pentatonic)
  7. Randomize Notes (4+5)
  8. Randomize Notes (News)
  9. Randomize Notes (Tresor)
  10. Randomize Notes (Twins 1)
  11. Randomize Notes (Twins 2)
  12. Randomize Notes (Waterfall)
  13. Randomize Notes (Wild)

Now note type randomizers. Use them to discover new rhythm variations in existing melodic patterns:

  1. Randomize Type (Rest)
  2. Randomize Type (Tied)
  3. Randomize Type (Wild)

Velocity randomizers will set the velocity of each note to a random value in a specific range:

  1. Randomize Velocity (1-127)
  2. Randomize Velocity (1-10)
  3. Randomize Velocity (1-64)
  4. Randomize Velocity (64-127)

This one will shuffle the number of active steps in both patterns, while keeping the length of the resulting sequence:

  1. Rebalance Active Steps

Duplicate stuff (if there's enough space to duplicate to):

  1. Duplicate Notes
  2. Duplicate Types
  3. Duplicate Velocity

Transpose notes by semitones or octaves:

  1. Notes +1
  2. Notes -1
  3. Notes +12
  4. Notes -12

Increase and decrease velocity:

  1. Velocity +10
  2. Velocity -10

Reset parameters:

  1. Reset Notes
  2. Reset Types
  3. Reset Velocity to 1
  4. Reset Velocity to 64
  5. Reset Velocity to 127

All presets except 22-25 are active pattern aware and will only affect parameters in the currently active pattern. This allows you to target specific areas using Pattern switch (1, 2, 1+2) in the Sequencer panel of the Repro-1.