Zebra Redux is an experimental theme for u-he Zebra and ZebraHZ made with sound designers in mind. The goal of this project is to let the process of creating new sounds with Zebra be more comfortable and intuitive (once you get used to the new layout).

Product name Zebra Redux
Product type Theme
Synth Zebra, ZebraHZ
Released 2014-08-20
Updated 2020-02-08
Unique features
Redesigned layout
Diva filters as rack modules
Master effects as rack modules
Inline editors for OSCs and MSEGs
All OSC editors on one page view
All MSEG editors on one page view
Piano roll editor for arpeggiator
Tag editor on Presets page
Compatible with Zebra
Compatible with ZebraHZ
Price Free
Download size 1.8 MB

Zebra Redux supports all features of the original theme including modulation drag-n-drop, Preferences and MIDI Learn panels.

Zebra Redux: Synth page.
Synth page


Download latest release and copy the Redux folder from the archive to the default theme location:

  • Windows: VstPlugins/u-he/Zebra2.data/Support/Themes
  • Windows: VstPlugins/u-he/ZebraHZ.data/Support/Themes
  • Mac: MacHD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes
  • Linux: ~/.u-he/Zebra2/Support/Themes

Then choose your theme in the Preferences panel in Zebra.