Zebra Redux is a theme for U-HE Zebra/ZebraHZ made with sound designers in mind. The goal of this project is to let the process of creating new sounds with Zebra be more comfortable and intuitive.

Zebra Redux suggests a new workflow and besides the streamlined one-page UI it also introduces some unique features:

  • descriptive icons for various module functions
  • local XY pads
  • inline editors for OSC and MSEG modules
  • dedicated OSC and MSEG editors with helpful grids
  • color-coded labels and knobs
  • easy to use piano roll style arpeggiator
  • extended performance view
  • global configuration module
  • user color schemes

Zebra Redux supports all features of the original theme including drag-n-drop, Preferences and MIDI Learn panels, and comes in two flavors (Redux and Redux UDH):

Zebra Redux screenshot


  1. Download latest release: zebra.redux.2015.1026.2036.zip
  2. Extract the Redux folder to the default theme location:
    • Win: VstPlugins\u-he\Zebra2.data\Support\Themes
    • Mac: MacHD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes
  3. Choose your theme in the Preferences panel


Zebra 2.7+ or ZebraHZ 2.7+

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